Competing in the Bucks County Classic Criterion: A Guide for Multi-Sport Athletes

Are you a multi-sport athlete looking for a challenging and rewarding event to compete in? The Bucks County Classic Criterion (BCD) is the perfect race for you! Founded by two-time US national champion John Eustice, the BCD is a 4-20-4 distance event that has been returning to the local multi-sports scene since 2004. The host city of the BCD, Doylestown, is a certified bicycle-friendly community with plenty of bike shops, clubs and equipment, a pumping track, bicycle racks scattered throughout the city, and 40 kilometers of trails, shared roads and secondary trails that connect to the Pennsylvania trail system. The Bucks County Roadrunners Club is actively involved in organizing events for the BCD. Last year, Boyce made his first bet on the BCD and found that it was to his liking. With the move to a new date and the addition of a second longer race this year, the Bucks County Duathlon has set a standard of excellence in local multi-sport competitions for more than a decade.

Competing in the BCD is an amazing opportunity to test your skills and have some fun while contributing to worthwhile causes. So don't miss out on this great event!.

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