The Most Popular Motorcycle Racing Events in Bucks County

Pennsylvania is a hub for motorcycling events, from motorcycle rallies and biker parties to poker races and charity events. The Langhorne Speedway, located in Middletown Township, Bucks County, was an auto racing circuit that hosted some of the most renowned races in the country. From the National Motorcycle Championship races approved by the AMA between 1935 and 1956 to the Championship Car races approved by the USAC between 1956 and 1970, the Langhorne Speedway was a major attraction for motorcyclists. The Bucks County Classic is one of the most popular motorcycle racing events in Bucks County.

It takes place during the county's largest entertainment weekend and is held in conjunction with the Doylestown Art Festival. The event is authorized by USA Cycling, the national governing body for American cycling, and is sponsored by various companies. Volunteers and municipal organizations also step up to help organize all the activities. The Pro Men's race is 50 miles long and involves climbing 3300 feet over the course of the race.

The track was reconfigured and paved in 1965, resulting in a smooth and level asphalt surface that prevented any uneven areas from forming. This section of the track was nicknamed 'Vomit Corner' due to the extreme thrusts experienced by drivers when their cars crashed into the deep grooves that formed as the race progressed. The National Open has become the Modified Race of Champions since 1972, which is held exclusively on pavement and on several tracks in the Northeast. The first post-war series car race to take place at the facility was a National Stock Car Championship race (the forerunner of NASCAR) in 1947, in which Bob Flock took home the checkered flag. Hankinson competed in 100-lap races for the AAA Championship and continued to organize short speed car races on the circular track. If you're looking for a club or event in your area, resources for horseback riding and competing, or want to become a member to support cycling around the country, visit their website for more information.

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