Understanding Motorcycle Race Regulations and Penalties in Bucks County

As Pennsylvania attorneys, we represent clients in Montgomery County and Bucks County, including Horsham, the Township of Montgomery, North Wales, Norristown, Doylestown, and surrounding communities. We understand that it is essential to be aware of the rules and regulations that apply to motorcycle races held within Bucks County, as well as the penalties that may be imposed for violations. The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, technically known as “Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Statutes”, contains most laws and regulations related to traffic and vehicles. Section 3361 of this code states that in each charge of violating a speed provision, the citation or demand must specify the speed at which the defendant allegedly drove and the applicable speed limit.

A certificate from the station showing that the test was carried out, the date of the test, and the degree of accuracy of the speedometer is considered competent and prima facie evidence of these facts in any proceeding. The Vehicle Code also applies to Route 1 (Roosevelt Boulevard) between Ninth Street and the Philadelphia County line shared with Bucks County. Moreover, information may be discovered by court order or otherwise and presented as evidence in any action or proceeding related to a violation of section 3345 or any other violation related to criminal action. The code also requires the use of audible and visual signals that meet certain requirements and standards set forth in this title and in regulations adopted by the department.

In all proceedings where a violation of this title is alleged, a certificate must be submitted from the station certifying that the calibration and test were carried out within the required time and that the device was considered reliable evidence. Official traffic control devices must be properly placed to notify motorists that harsher penalties apply for traffic violations in active work zones signed in accordance with this subsection and subsection (e). In cases where an offence applies to a single vehicle, each motorcycle parked will be individually liable for any violation, as if it were the sole occupant of the parking space. Forty percent of fines imposed for violations that occur in a work area with automated speed control systems must be deposited in the Vehicle Licensing Fund and allocated by the General Assembly.

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