What Are the Restrictions on Fuel Additives for Motorcycle Racing in Bucks County?

Are you planning to take part in a motorcycle race in Bucks County? If so, you need to be aware of the restrictions on fuel additives that can be used. According to the regulations, the fuel, fuel additive, or regulated blend must not be available for use as gasoline or diesel in motor vehicles or non-road engines, vehicles, or equipment, including locomotives or marine engines. However, they can be dispensed for use in aircraft or in racing motor vehicles or racing boats that are used only at authorized racing events. Subpart A of the regulations outlines the general provisions for fuel additives and regulated blends that are components of the fuel.

The multidose bottle supplies the additive in a dose of 50 ml, which is used to treat 50 liters of fuel, so there is no need to measure jugs or make guesses. No person may sell, offer, supply, dispense, transport, or introduce into commerce for use as fuel in any motor vehicle any fuel, fuel additive, or regulated mixture that violates a standard per gallon. The PTD requirements must be met and indicate that the offending fuel, fuel additive, or regulated mixture met the applicable requirements while under that person's control. To perform tests that meet the diesel fuel standards of Subpart D of this part, demonstrate homogeneity using one of the procedures specified in paragraph (d) (o) of this section. In addition to the requirements of section 1090,1205, a gasoline-powered detergent mixer must keep a record that includes the information in this section.

This section also includes requirements for oxygen compound mixers to ensure that the oxygen compound is added according to the mixing instructions specified by the gasoline manufacturer. Any person who has produced, imported, sold, offered for sale, dispensed, supplied, offered as a supply, stored, transported, caused transportation or storage, or introduced into trade fuel, fuel additive, or regulated mixture found in the storage tank that contains fuel, fuel additive, or regulated mixture that violates a standard per gallon is responsible for the violation. If you don't live in the United States and are planning to participate in a motorcycle race in Bucks County with your driver's license from another country, your driver's license structure may be staggered with different tests and restrictions as you go. Whenever possible consider using fuel tank liners and look for replacement fuel hoses, floats and float valves for your bicycles as they will help protect against ethanol damage. You should also let your car or motorcycle insurance provider know once you start driving with your driver's license. This is especially important if you're going to borrow a motorcycle while you're practicing.

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